DNSChanger Malware

Internet Doomsday was supposed to happen on Monday. The US’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was to shut down servers associated with the DNSChanger malware. Computers infected with this threat were to be cut off from the Internet.

The FBI estimated that only 41,800 computers remained infected by DNSChanger as of Sunday night, and some Internet service providers have been offering their own solutions to keep customers online.

So far, the cutoff day has been free of catastrophes, reports the IDG.

There are at least 210,851 unique Internet protocol (IP) addresses as of 8 July 2012, of which 619 are from Singapore, still being redirected to the rogue DNS servers now being controlled by the FBI.

While it seems as if FBI has rectified the issue, shutting down the temporary server is only a temporary measure. Once that happens, computers that are still compromised will lose connectivity to the Internet in its entirety.

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