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Mobile Security Services

Smartphones and Tablet PCs are the current rage, making these devices a significant tool for access to corporate networks and providing vulnerable portals to sensitive personal and professional information. These mobile devices are small computers that may contain confidential business data and face many of the same threats on the corporate network as workstations and laptops.

Our growing dependence on these technologies has driven the needs for mobile security services tremendously in the last several years. Next9 Security can help businesses understand how their mobile devices affect the overall security posture of their business.

Businesses now have several methods to fully protect and secure their mobile work and lifestyles to give employees more freedom for productivity in the use of these mobile tools. This insures businesses do not suffer from productivity and continuity problems caused by mobile malware, safeguarding confidential information even if the phone is lost or stolen.

Mobile security services enables enterprises to provide employees secure access to corporate applications and e-mail on mobile devices, while keeping business data and networks safe

Next9 Security can help you plan a secure services process for centralized management and monitoring that puts your company in more control of protecting these mobile devices.

Contact Next9 Security to discuss your Mobile Security requirements and we can help build a plan for your business.

Next9 Mobile Security Guarantee

We guarantee you will be satisfied with our services. We’ll take the time to document and explain all of the details to you.Think Mobile Security service is right for your business? Call us to find out more!