Next9 Professional IT Security Services

Security Services Designed for our Client’s Needs

Next9 Security is an IT services firm focusing on IT Security Services and security products. Our approach is to assist organizations with requirements for IT Security services and processes. We are “process-driven” to help businesses build IT security-aware networks that protects data and network communications by providing IT Security Services, based on the business needs, such as Internet and network Firewalls, Intrusion Protection, Wireless and Computers security.

Next9 Security works closely with its clients to address each client’s security concerns without disrupting their ability to do business. Next9 Security services are not limited merely to identifying and recommending effective countermeasures such as patching existing security vulnerabilities. Rather, the company is dedicated to helping its clients develop and maintain a “process-driven” integrated security strategy that can prevent and minimize the effect of future security lapses.

Our security services process starts with us understanding yuour business operations, policies and network

Our strategy then focuses on “defense-in-depth”, which employs multiple layers of security at the “edge” and “internally” of your network. There are many ways to approach this, depending on each business security requirements.

We focus first on mission critical data, private information and secure communications to prevent potentially costly and embarrassing security lapses. Next9 Security provides detailed security assessments of our clients’ entire security infrastructures to identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities. Our dedicated team is committed to identifying and protecting our clients interests. We haved worked in IT Security services and information security within some of the world’s largest corporations. Next9 Security will bring their unique security experience and the most effective security technologies to address each clients’ information security needs.

Based on our client’s security needs, we can provide project management for Internet security, network security, data security, wireless security, computer security, web applications security, firewalls implementation and testing, computer virus removal and many other IT security services to achieve the highest level of information security.

Here are a few of the services we provide to enable enterprise IT Security:

Services Designed To Keep Your Business secure

What We Do

Next9 Security is a leader in the information and network security services. Our customized enterprise security services and solutions enable the streamlining of “state-of-the-art” security infrastructures, delivering a secure and scalable network environment.

Why We’re Different

Next9 Security believes our key competitive advantages are our broad base of industry expertise combined with core technologies and products. Encompassing complete assessment, design, implementation, and customized product solutions, we provide our customers with consulting for specific security needs, measurable results, and improved ROI. We work closely with you to quickly schedule, prepare, carry out and test your new security solutions with minimal disruption and downtime.

How We Work

We work with our customers to provide recommendations and solutions to meet their specific requirements. We’re helping each of our customers keep pace with their ever growing challenges and requirements within the IT organization. Our certified security analysts will identify problems with your current information systems and help you implement a cost-effective solution for all of your IT security needs.

Plan, Design, Implement

Every business has its own unique security requirements and data protection needs. In the current state of Cyber-crimes and hacking activities, the “plug-n-play” security approach doesn’t work anymore. We work closely with each enterprise customer to develop the right set of services and solutions that will provide a secure and effective environment and also meets the needs of regulatory compliance.